You wrote,

“We have chosen to lift the veil from reality and peered into all its ugliness when others would not, and we have taken the opportunity to sharpen our claws and our picks and shovels and set to work on this engineered psychological bedrock, searching for earth loose enough and fertile enough in the minds of our fellows to pull them up, dust them off and hand them a digging tool for themselves, so that they might join us.”

This visual is very helpful. Picks and shovels are slow working tools but this is what we have been doing, isn’t it? Join us in this unrelenting and socially unacceptable task. We won’t like what we find, but find it we must. For the children.

It does take strength and courage to look deep down into the darkness of evil. You must pack a lunch full of faith and light to get you through the day.

This piece you wrote, very profound. The children, God’s perfect gift to man and women, innocent and vulnerable. Unscathed by evil with a fresh burning light. The children, this has to be the reason people pull themselves out of their slumber. Thanks BB.

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These continued attacks on the children have stirred the Mama Bears and Papa Lions to their core. It is coming from so many directions that it is obviously, if not an outright Plan, an essential part of the evil that [they] represent.

We do not like to hear about the things that [they] do to the children, but our disgust is an important part of the awakening. And the Event Cascade is putting this front and center.


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You're right, it is the children, it has always been the children. Pizzagate broke my heart in 2016-17. Panicked fools shouted it down, accusing us 'extremists' of making it all up. What they didn't want to see was how hard I was looking to debunk it, to find that it was all a terrible mistake, so I could sleep properly again, so that I didn't keep waking up in tears. It wasn't a mistake; no matter how hard I looked. It just looked worse and worse. An entire global system dedicated to protecting the worst of criminals, and the worst crimes, imaginable. It broke my heart, and it damn near broke my health - even though I carried a conviction and certainty that 'their' time is nearly up, and have known this deeply for decades now. Balenciaga is just the start - just the surface - but it is coming. Justice, recognition, real light - and a lot of grief. God help us to have the strength to get through this, individually and collectively. We are going to need each other like never before. We have a world to build that is grounded in love - and there is no room there for those dark creatures of fear, lies, hatred and hypocrisy who consider themselves our overlords where we are going.

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Just thank you. I needed this article today. I was so discouraged and was losing sight of the whole reason I started down this dark path.

The children.

We have to keep fighting. We have to.

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St Michael defend us in battle....

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That was brilliant. Thank you. On Thanksgiving, my family watched a movie - Despicable Me. It was a despicable film, and definitely created as a grooming tool. Featuring an evil old man (a Russian of course) with "minions" who did his dirty work. Of course this evil pedo "adopts" two little girls who "reform" him. (All quotes deliberate.) It accomplishes much for the proponents of child abuse. Little girls won't be afraid of dirty old men, no, they will reform them! I plead ignorance that I did not watch the entire movie so I may not be familiar enough with all its content to comment fairly, but when the film showed one of the children placed in a box with knives and blood streaming out, that was enough for me. I realized how deep this depravity goes. It is nested in all that is being presented to our children in the media. What good can come of this? No good. Will it spawn a generation of victims of abuse? Will there be a new generation that normalizes pedophilia or worse - child torture and murder? I don't know, but I hope I don't live long enough to see that happen. Naturally I pointed this out to my family, who rejected my take on the film. God help us. I'm sure the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah rejected any criticism of their depravity too. But I will read and re-read your article, BB, with hope in my heart, and unlike Lot's wife, I will continue to move closer to God and truth, and I won't look back, for fear I'll turn to stone.

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Several days ago, Chris Paul talked about the new narrative weapon unsheathed by the New York Times, which is termed “prebunking”.

Prebunking aims to neuter an expected narrative defeat by preemptively launching a counter narrative throwing shade ex ante.

The presentation resonated and I wrote out the following. I realized that my prediction and dream of a Nuremberg 2.0 reckoning is actually in process.

This is why.

My list of what they plan to “prebunk” the revelation of:

1. The global elite’s organized and multinational pedophilia and snuff rings (“baseless and lacking evidence” - having erased all the online evidence first of course).

2. The vast systematic genocide program designed by the biopharma-big bank-multilateral organization-big government-big media industrial complex. The objective of which is:

3. The creation of a global slave class of humans to serve the needs of the global elites, thereby:

4. Eliminating all future human uprisings and revolutionary movements, (they’re going to eliminate wars!) which would otherwise threaten the existence of the ruling elite and permit:

5. Streamlining and maximizing the efficiency of centralized global production and of course maximizing industrial profitability, ensuring the permanent domination of humanity by a relatively small fascistic satanic communist group of overlords.

In other words, they plan to “prebunk” the revelation of a (now clearly obvious) vast and decades’ old communist (ie satanic) conspiracy to take over the planet.

Once exposed, as it all most certainly will be, the only logical next phase is that of Reckoning, Truth and Reconciliation. And America 🇺🇸once again will have saved humanity.

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Oh my, dear BB…a deeply moving piece you have written! I welled up. If I had to pick just one of your works to place at the very top, it is this one!

Many of us traveled down the “darkest path” in 2016-17. Some of the videos I watched still haunt me. Back then, youtube wasn’t censoring any of it. We all experienced days, weeks of feeling depressed and so sad and angry for what horrors we were learning about…

And then…it faded from the narrative, not entirely of course, but I remember feeling that THIS information of such evil would surely wake the whole country up…it did go a long way towards that hope but not far enough back then.

And here we are again.

You are right: NCSWIC!

In one of Q’s last drops there was the word Ascension. It has many spiritual connotations but it also refers to what was called, the Ascension Timeline.

Mil Intel since JFK had access to Project Looking Glass, the super computer. Through the decades, there were known to be multiple timelines of how this war would play out. In 2012, all those probable timelines narrowed down to only 2 and only one, the Ascension Timeline would win. (The other timeline was the global cabal DeepState.)

“Future proves past” - a catchy and kindof cryptic Q phrase. And thus, Q’s confident prediction: Nothing can stop what is coming. It didn’t just refer to the inevitable “win” but it also referred to: nothing can stop us from our willingness to engage in The Great Awakening; the more we learned, the more committed we became to learning. Nothing can stop us, the Awakened, and therefore, NCSWIC ❤️

Your writing here in this piece is beautiful, plenty of glimpses to the poet that lives in your heart. I loved it!

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Drop #4908 of 10/21/20:

Sometimes you can't TELL the public the truth.



CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN unite all humanity [cross party lines]?

Difficult truths.


"Crimes against children" is the Achilles heel of the evil doers... and they know it. They've fought desperately to contain the truth (e.g. Weiner laptop, HRC/CF/Haiti, Podesta e-mails, Pizzagate, etc.) but they're now losing control and in full panic mode. Entities such as Wayfair and Balenciaga have been and are being exposed. A critical mass of people are finally SEEING the truths that were only timidly spoken of or whispered about before now and were effectively dismissed as the imaginative rantings of conspiracy theorists by the narrative manipulators.

Picks and shovels, indeed, as much of these crimes have taken place deep underground where the cries of the little ones cannot be heard. The multi-nation military alliance has been dismantling these trafficking networks and facilities where hideous inhumanities have occurred for generations. Many many children have been rescued and the clean-up work is largely completed.

We're winning this war to save the innocents, folks!


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Your words are not "simple" by a long shot😉

They're anything but .

All of your observations and information are true and in the macro world that you speak about,to me at least and others of a spiritual ilk the whole big shabang comes down to one thing.

Good vs evil.

Pretty simple.

I believe that as people we instinctively seem to know which is which even if we don't subscribe to any religious beliefs.

This to me represents the primal need to survive.

We size up everything almost unconciously on a daily basis.

Some of us were taught the difference and to some it comes easily in the form of disernment.

This whole issue was born biblically when Cain slew his brother. Before that it was the reptile whispering in God's garden.

The Word of God states that we are now in a fallen state but

We have the freedom to choose which whispers to listen to.

The good vs evil issue is older than time but we've been promised a final conclusion.

You're correct about the slime no longer hiding. It's become so bold ( or so afraid) that it's now pulling out all the stops. And it's ugly and it's going to get uglier.

We have the choice to fight it and it appears that we, the ones choosing good are not the silent majority after all mostly I think because the slime is now being flung in our collective faces ad nauseum.

Time to choose .

I believe in the reprobate mind and Im aware that it can't be changed.

Only God can work that miracle.

I pray for that miracle daily.

Good will prevail and we are the proof.

Platforms like this are proof.

The more we become aware the louder the enemy screams.

The louder they scream the easier it is to find where the screaming is coming from.

The pressure is on. The stakes are high. The troops are ready. Let the game begin.

Love wins❤️

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I knew back in 2013 when I heard all about Jimmy Saville and then Epstein came along and I knew that no matter what else loomed in the shadows ...it was the children that Would ‘set us free’. The time has come those late sleepers will awaken and as dark as this time will be we are at the final days of our Darkest hours. BB you are a brilliant writer/thinker. thank you for All you bring to our Movement❤️😇🙏🏻

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Oh thank you. You nailed it. I knew, from the moment that I uncovered the rot at the heart of our civilisation, that this was their worst mistake. People will take being put down - and get on with it. They will put up with the haves keeping it all for themselves, and shrug. They will put up with missing out on opportunities - because they're not in the club. But children - target the children... They're done. I will not stop until it is over for them - and I know for a fact I am far from alone. They are vastly outnumbered, and they know it. Just a matter of time. And light.

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You made me cry. Thank you for helping me access the underlying emotions that drive me, and us all.

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Thank you BB! I love that you quoted Gandalf of the brilliant JRR Tolkien. He would get Frodo and company started with a purpose and a map, then would seemly disappear at the most inopportune moments, just to return in their hour of need. Other times he would trust his choice in Frodo as keeper of the ring, and Frodo and Sam would keep on through unspeakable evil only to prevail because of their innocence. It’s a great allegory for how I feel as an an Anon, and yes , I accept that I am. We feel alone and overwhelmed and then a ray of light shines thru to keep us “keepin’ on”.

I remember when my children were born and I looked at those twins and thought that I would kill anyone who tried to hurt them. Yes, mama and papa bear are awake and we are pissed. I’m forcing myself to watch the fall of the cabal series as painful as it is, especially what was done to mothers in China. I don’t want to watch but I have to, to keep fighting. This balenciaga event is significant. These people are sick, and stupid. Evil can’t help it, it must show itself off because of the sin of Pride. And it is their downfall. 💙🙏🏼

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BB!!! So well written

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"It was always about the children" If this doesn't cut to our hearts, than nothing ever will! There is no excuse for us now that we know, it's in our face, what evils have been done to our children, and I say 'our' children because all children are being exposed in one way or another to the planned horrifying 'normalizing' of perversion. Enough is Enough!!!!!!! Now that we know, what are we going to do about it......

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