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Excellent takes.

I completely understand the point about all current drama being a distraction.

If you accept, as I do, that nothing big can happen until the American people are ready to unite en masse against the enemy, and that those big turning points remain as yet incomplete, then everything we are going through is essentially a plot filler.

The final battlefield is not yet ready. That is because what we are waiting for are the necessary prerequisite combination of conditions that will persuade the American people to turn on the elites.

Recent economic research suggests that there can be a time lag of from as little as 6 to as much as 27 months between the leading indicators of an economic recession or depression. We are presently at the 7 month mark from when the first leading indicators turned to a level whereby a recession (possibly depression) is certain to happen.

Just like waiting for the right weather conditions to occur before launching a decisive strike against the enemy in conventional kinetic warfare, so in the 5th Gen war we must also have the right mix of prerequisite conditions before the final battle can commence.

And yes, unfortunately, if it takes 27 months from when the leading indicators turned, it might require 2024 to be lost. I pray that is not the case, but would remind you that we are reversing 100 years of corruption and treason.

We will each of us know when those conditions are ripe because the MIC, the stock market and many of your neighbors and family members will be telling us all about it. Some of us will be feeling it ourselves.

Times will get very tough but we can make it, if we keep our heads and our wits about us.

MAGA - always and forever.

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Agree. It doesn’t matter if it’s Kayfabe, as I believe, or not, the end result is that the Con Inc wolves in sheep’s clothing expose & destroy themselves by willingly jumping into Trump’s Quicksand. Deeply satisfying to watch.

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Not only has this taller hill upon which you stand enabled your light to shine further, but I believe it's given you greater vantage from which to obtain and share insights over the fog of this war alongside the likes of Kyle and that other guy grasping at the limelight... love you too Jon....

Great perspective you share BB, one I share wholeheartedly edifying more and more folk daily.

I pray you all consider supporting the Fearful Symmetry of this Bright Tiger.

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Interesting. Looking forward to your take on RFK Jr. and his role in the drama. He seems as radical as Trump - but - if so, why aren’t the oligarchs going after him like they did Trump? Either he isn’t yet a threat or the Democratic establishment thinks he’s easily taken out. I personally don’t know. I can see him siphon off disaffected Dems. But perhaps this doesn’t matter when, ala Bernie, you’ve got the place so wired there’s no chance of actually winning.

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Bravo and Encore!

I especially like your fire and water example.

"And the beauty of sovereignty, and of sovereigns, is that, while fire burns out, freedom, like water, always finds its own level in the end. It settles."

Though I tend to think of fire as the more enduring. Both are elements of cleansing: water for those things that can not survive the fire; fire for those things that can - and God Himself deploying them in His timing.

Thank you!

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Another good article! As I'm reading this, I have a thought percolating.

What if:

The shadow Trump government continues with a DeSantis presidency?

DeSantis is military -- he would follow chain of command. If Trump becomes a "basement President" akin to O'Dipstick, DeSantis would privately acknowledge him as Commander in Chief. This scenario allows for DeSantis to take advantage of the relationships Trump has with world leaders (BRICS) and continues this worldwide movement of the destruction of deep state.


What if COG continues even with DeSantis as president (and Trump permanently steps out) and we have whichever leaders still directing on the script that they have been following? DeSantis follows the script. He runs two terms this way paving the way for ????

I have been of the belief that government as we know it now will cease and desist soon. 2024 or 2025? Possibly 2026? Not sure why other than what I am gleaning from other sources and hearing from God.

Changes are coming -- big ones -- in ALL areas of society. Financial, Government, Education, Family, Church, Media and Entertainment. This heavy tension is the tension needed to head for the final climax of this story we are in.

I'll take an extra-large popcorn with extra butter and salt. And a bottle of Macallen 12, if you please. (I haven't had Macallen 18 yet -- I need to take out a loan for that.....hahahahaha)

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At the heart of the Hegelian dialectic is chaos theory: we are self organizing organisms within an inherently, chaotic environment. The chaos, or contradictions within us, build up more and more until we get to a "bifurcation point" where we spontaneously re-organize into a higher level of organization. This might be cliff highs "self organizing collective". Humans, and human communities naturally become more and more resourceful as we are exposed to the chaos of our world.

How does the DS control the chaos? They certainly generate artificial chaos to get us all Stressed out and desperate to make a change. However, he is based on lies, and if we reorganize our inner resourcefulness, we just generate confusion. Then they provide us with a bad choice, and finally with appears to be a good choice, but which is an imprisoning choice.

It seems they keep us in a state of ever-changing fake chaos so that we cannot Reorganize coherently, except when they want us to make decisions they desire.

The mirror is to counter every bit of fake fearful information with alternative, real fearful information. In this way, we tend to reorganize to meet real needs, and gain individual and group sovereignty.

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Dear BB,

Reading...The deployment of Ron to out the Rino's/Never-Trumpers/Etc... IMO...is a great Catch-22.

One of the PDJT-Truths during/or just after Ron's Failure to Launch party...Trump mentioned...Hey Ron just a reminder...can't use Governor Campaign funds for Presidential Run...

Very interesting and subtle topic...that seems to be perculating...In Wisconsin. Speaker Robin Vos...recently was quoted on May 5, 2023 at the Milwaukee Press Club luncheon..."I do not want to nominate losers...like Trump"...Vos controls the Never-Trumpers in Wisconsin..(also roomies with the likes of Reince Priebus(UW-Whitewater)...same ilk as Sean Duffy/Paul Ryan...

Sooo...my thinking...misuse of campaign funds...has been brought up in Wisconsin...because you need to pay to play...and Vos has the vice grip on all our Assembly...

The Trump quip to Ron means something...and Ron will be the poster boy...the catalyst to bring down many politicians...

In order to win Wisconsin...Vos will need to be cornered and manuevered out ...

I am watching for this the above.

Trump has Vos on the radar...Vos thinks he is the smartest man in the room...

Vos(and Reince Priebus) rode on the plane to the Alabama rally...where the infamous Mo Brooks eventually lost his endorsement from Trump...

Trump is shrewd and always keeps his word.

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BB you just seem to get better and better!

This was another brilliant article. Staying at 40k and not getting caught up in any of the detail continue to prove to me to be the best strategy.

I do not know if any of the Badlands substack articles are synchronized for release but the "Expand Your Thinking" article (https://badlands.substack.com/p/expand-your-thinking?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email) fits so well with this article of yours that it makes my head explode.

Anyway, thanks for another gem and please keep them coming.

God Wins!

God Bless!!

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thanks again , for getting me to think, as i work in a very factory Job with no brain power required whatsoever you always seem to deliver just when i need it.....going to have to read this in installments tbh.....

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I got this Substack early, along with one from Jon Rappoport, brilliant writer. But.......

His headline is "Can Trump Win The Presidency While He's In Prison"?

What nonsense. But made me wonder, how far will these evil bastards go to ATTEMPT to prevent the greatest President from running again? Is this their plan, and substituting DeSanctus, hoping Trump's base says "Oh well"?

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This is SO great! Your writing makes me think SO hard. I always have to look up new vocabulary, when reading your posts. Words intrigue me. I was a Russian major, German minor so I took some linguistics along the way. I appreciate how meaning gets "lost in translation". Your paradox imagery fogs my spectacles, but I always was intrigued by Dostoevsky's "Grand Inquisitor", even did a paper on it in High School World Lit class. That was 50+ years ago, when teachers taught critical thinking skills. It presents the paradox of freedom being the desire of the human soul, and yet it's bane, for the heaviness of its responsibility. And, perhaps it is more a contradiction, rather than a paradox. My premise in high school, was that a Marxist-type-society (essentially what the people in the "The Grand Inquisitor" embraced) was an understandable option for folks like the Russians/Soviets, because they never knew freedom, moving from living under a tsar and a feudal society, to Bolshevism, without ever being able to choose. I contrasted that with our American experience, which began with a throwing off of the chains of tyranny. (Or so I believed.) Simplistic and WRONG!!! I believed America as a whole would be immune to ever giving up our freedom, because once tasted, nothing else would EVER satisfy. Alas, my naivete has been shattered, ever since DJT's stepping into the political arena. With the help of digital soldier/journalists like yourself, I now am learning more and more that the arena is WWF Event Spectacular! But, as I have iterated before in previous comment spaces, the Word of God brings me great assurance of victory for truth. Grace is the greatest paradox. It is freely given, when freely accepted. Free will is extended to all and it can be used for good or for evil. Truth and sin are the great equalizers in this world. Sin makes us compare ourselves to others and believe that we are not getting what we deserve. God's Truth allows us to see our sin, our very human DNA- (Desperately Needing Atonement). And when we accept Jesus' atoning grace, we Praise God that we are not getting what we deserve. Thank you for keeping me thinking and for Burning Bright-ly and bringing the lies into the light, "where the darkness comprehended it not." JOHN 1:5

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I love your take on this BB, but in the end I respectfully disagree.

The GOP (Deep State Approved) Establishment didn't invest over half of a billion dollars into a "white flag" (of surrender). They intend to manipulate every aspect of the campaign up to and including the election itself (as they did in Nov. '20) to maintain control (priority # 1) of their private corporation (RNC) and their lucrative revenue streams (priority # 1.1) from various multinational and (indirectly) foreign government sources. They don't overly care if the Democrat wins in '24 as long as they get to keep their comfortable Status & Grift arrangements.

DeSantis' primary and significant majority donors are globalist Establishment wealthy elites some of whom have openly expressed their expectations of DeSantis' policies when he is selected (vs. elected) to become the next President.

DeSantis himself is a political fraud who "head fakes" towards the MAGA side of the field but has no intentions of deceiving his globalist financial backers once he's inside the Oval Office. His actions in Florida have been carefully scripted to deceive millions that he is the almost-MAGA Governor, when anyone who looks more deeply than at the headlines realizes he has glossed over dozens of opportunities to implement real American First policies in his state, and has pulled off what are essentially PR stunts to appear as if they were of any meaningful lasting significance to Floridians.

Secondly, although he's been preparing to run for president since before he got into the FL governors office, DeSantis has yet expressed NO national economic policy. The national economic policy of a presidential candidate determines all other policies that flow from that candidate.  The national economic policy impacts obvious policies like energy and trade, but it also determines the less obvious policies like govt. regulation and foreign policy. It also reveals that candidate's priorities once he/she is in office.

It is specifically because a candidate’s national economic outlook impacts ALL other issues, that most federal candidates and politicians NEVER talk about it. DeSantis will follow that script unless he is backed into a corner by a MAGA journalist… which IMHO his handlers will not permit to happen.

The Republican cocktail class wants DeSantis (not Trump) as the Republican nominee and hopefully in the Oval Orifice to ensure they maintain control over their corporation (RNC) and over the selection of future candidates at all levels. The needs and desires of the great unwashed hoi polloi are of inifinitessimally small concern to those GOP Elites.

I’m 100% voting for President Trump and not sure the Establishment can successfully manipulate a win for their lackey DeSantis in ’24 primaries, but don’t underestimate their willingness to negotiate with the Dems (i.e., the Uniparty) and employ treachery in the shadows to defeat Pres.Trump.

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"“Do I contradict myself. Very well, then I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes.”

The above is an excerpt from Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself, one of my favorite short pieces of poetry in the American literary tradition."

So, being a good student, I went off to look for the 'short' poem, to read it myself before reading the rest of your article.....BB, you and I have different definitions for the word 'short'!!! lol ❤️ 😂


ah....this was nice, from #2

"You shall no longer take things at second or third hand, nor look through the eyes of the dead, nor feed on the spectres in books,

You shall not look through my eyes either, nor take things from me,

You shall listen to all sides and filter them from your self."

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Loved this article! Thanks BB!

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Imagine spending all this time and all these words on the same old divide and conquer as the whole world is racing towards the conclusion of the two thousand year reign of the babylonian moneychangers/radknights/khazarian overlords. We are in the midst of the great unveiling yet so many refuse to open their eyes.

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